4 Easy Ways to Upcycle & Repurpose Your Candle Tins

4 Easy Ways to Upcycle & Repurpose Your Candle Tins


At Vuelta a la Vida, we are committed to the practice of reusing and recycling as much as possible. Finding innovative ways to give new life to our packaging is something we love to do and we encourage our customers to do the same.

To prepare the container for upcycling, you will need to remove the wax first. We suggest placing the candle tin into the freezer overnight, allowing the wax to shrink. The wax should pop out easily, but if not you can use a little bit of force with a butter knife or spoon (but do this carefully). After removing the wax, you are ready to give the candle tin a new purpose!

We've compiled a list of 4 simple ideas to help you get the most from your candle purchase and consciously tread a little lighter on the earth.


Use your candle tin as storage containers for your crystals. 

Hair Elastics

What woman or hair-bun touting man doesn’t have a million hair elastics lying around? Our candle tins make excellent containers for all the elastics you have in every drawer of your house! Keep them in one or two tins and you will never be searching for an elastic again.

Spare Change

Leave an empty tin by the front door or on your dresser to drop your spare change into without losing it. Then once a month count your change, roll it and take it to the bank or buy yourself a little treat!

Snack Jars

Fill your tin with your favourite nuts to be left out on the counter. 


Hopefully this mini guide gave you some creative ways to reuse our candle tins!

Please, let us know below in the comments how do you upcycle your candle tins!

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