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I AM SERENE - Amethyst Candle

I AM SERENE - Amethyst Candle

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I AM SERENE Amethyst Vegan Soy Candle is the ultimate candle to wind down with, settle your mind, switch off and release any worries your shoulders may be carrying.

burn time: 41 hours
This Amethyst candle is for anyone wanting some time out, to quieten the mind, bring stillness in this moment, feeling totally refreshed and invigorated.


Top notes: Eucalyptus, Blossom
Base note: Cut grass

Extremely beneficial for anyone feeling overwhelmed, overworked or overstressed and for anyone who suffers from stress, anxiety or depression.
Also Ideal for meditation, yoga or any practice connecting you with the universe and the ever-giving energy we all receive from.

Dressed and loaded with:
AMETHYST gemstones: cleansing-protection- inspiration
Enhances intuition, spirituality and meditation. Extremely protective, calms the mind and spirit.
DRIED LAVENDER: cleansing properties - strong floral scent that is relaxing and calming.

At Vuelta a la Vida, we believe our mental wellbeing and how you feel about yourself is key to holistic wellness and self-care. That is why our candles not only help you relax with our beautiful fragrance oil blends, but come with 1 affirmation card to stimulate thoughts of self-love, empowerment and inner peace.

Our container can be cleaned after use and make great storage containers for herbs, crystals or any small item.


Glossy waterproof white vinyl 100 gsm


Diameter 5 cm

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