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SWEET DREAMS Aromatherapy Roller Ball 10ml

SWEET DREAMS Aromatherapy Roller Ball 10ml

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A dreamy blend of Lavender, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang to enhance your bedtime ritual.
The essential oils are diluted with jojoba oil, to ensure that they are safe to use on the skin & can be absorbed through the skin, rather than just sitting on top of the skin.
Each handmade blend comes in a 10ml glass roller bottle with a stainless steel roller ball and twist the cap for easy application and storage
Vegan friendly
Handmade with love
Our pulse point roller balls are made using only 100% pure essential oils to benefit both the mind and the body. They can be applied to the wrists, temples, forehead and even the soles of the feet – whenever they’re required!


Glossy waterproof white vinyl 100 gsm


Diameter 5 cm

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