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I AM GROUNDED - Hematite Candle

I AM GROUNDED - Hematite Candle

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Sometimes we need to remind ourselves not to dwell on the past.
We need to remember to stay in the present; focus on the here and now.
I am Grounded candle filled with hematite stone and hibiscus invites you to gently release what is no longer serving your
highest good.
Top notes: bergamot & orange
Middle notes: vetiver & orris
Base notes: musk & sandalwood
Hematite is a grounding and protective stone, that is mostly used for protection and stability.
At Vuelta a la Vida, we believe our mental wellbeing and how you feel about yourself is key to holistic wellness and self-care. That is why our candles not only help you relax with our beautiful fragrance oil blends, but come with 1 affirmation card to stimulate thoughts of self-love, empowerment and inner peace.
Our container can be cleaned after use and make great storage containers for herbs, crystals or any small item.



Glossy waterproof white vinyl 100 gsm


Diameter 5 cm

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