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I'd like to take this opportunity to write to you at the start of 2022, recapping and reflecting on the past year, while looking forward to newer and better things to come. 2021 was an exciting year of challenges and constant learning, and I am beyond thankful to have made it through the year. I've poured our hearts and souls into growing this business steadily and gradually since 2018. 
Since the pandemic struck, I've reviewed and revised my business model, and have been fortunate enough to enjoy significant growth in my business. I'm so grateful for your ongoing support, feedback and constant encouragement which has helped make my dreams a reality. Thank you!
2021 was not without its fair share of business struggles, with relentless cost escalations being one of the main challenges we've faced. Everyone has definitely witnessed the impact of this price surge from a COVID economy in one way or another and the war in Ukraine. As a small business, this impact is very real for me. I've experienced a 15–20% increment in the cost of my raw and packaging materials, from my wax and essential oils, down to my transit and delivery boxes. Freight and delivery charges have also gradually increased by a whopping 30% since June 2020.
The economic reality has left me with little choice but to inform you that we will be making a slight price adjustment to some of our products, with effect from 1st March 2022. To offset some of this price impact, I will be implementing more promotions and bundle deals for you to enjoy, in order to save more as you shop with me.
As a brand which emphasises simple, affordable products of high quality, this decision definitely did not come easy, as I strive to keep my cost low without affecting the quality or integrity of my products. I hope that by sharing this reality with you, you are able to better understand the decision I have come to in order to keep the brand going.
As always, please feel free to get in touch with me personally should you have any questions or concerns.

 I wish you the very best for the year ahead. Stay safe and healthy!

With love,


Founder of Vuelta a la Vida

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